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Started With "Nice To Meet You"

YOMI Presents - The Elitist Series-I

Not too long ago did YOMI start out as an independent little team made by person and their friends and now it's become a proper home for more friends, a little family. October 10th still resonates with all of us, the birth of YOMI as a whole, the times we spent laughing and having fun. Celebrating our one year anniversary together we thought to hold an event, hoping to find ways to support our journey as one. Had we not believed in ourselves, we wouldn't have seen nor met people, we now call family.

“I hope we get some participation and support from people in order to feel welcomed to the E-sports world”-YOMI

The Elitist Series-I is a VALORANT Tournament Series by YOMI, an APAC only tournament for now as a test to see where we can reach and extend our hand for people to find us. A way of recognition, a way of finding potential players and many more! For now most of our tournaments are going to include entry fees but gradually we wish to make it open for all! I hope you all would support us and our baby steps!

The Tournament

Registrations are currently open to APAC region, 32 teams can participate and $30 per team is required as entry fees.

Starting on October 10th, 2022 at 12PM JST (which is 11AM SGT (Singaporean Time) and 3AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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